Sunday, March 8, 2009

Plumbing the depths of my incredulity

There were plenty of times during Obama's campaign when I consoled myself with the idea that he would be lucky to get even 10% of his proposed socialistic redistributionist spending schemes accomplished. I was incredulous over the idea that any sane administration would attempt such a sea change in the very fabric upon which the two century success of our merit-based society is embroidered.

Even as billions of dollars were misdirected to liberal pet causes like ACORN and the other rogues galleries of far left organizations under the transparently false rubric of "stimulus" spending, I remained at least hopeful that sanity would prevail before irreversible damage was done to the long-term health of our nation.

I no longer feel that way. New piles of odoriferous government incursions into ever more personal aspects of our lives are now winding their way through a Congress that appears hell bent on the idea of enslaving all of us in their new socialist utopia. There does not appear to be any remaining hope whatsoever of stopping (or even slowing) this government leviathan. Healthcare is next, mortgage bailouts for the greedy, non-productive home "owner" are just over the horizon, and I strongly suspect we will also see legislation that will further erode the idea of rewarding success through personal effort with the passing of card-check laws. I also believe that we will soon see direct attacks leveled against dissent in the revival of the Fairness Doctrine, albeit under the disingenuous renaming of that unconstitutional and reprehensible edict as "diversity of ownership."

I have found that I no longer harbor any hope of even a modicum of sane behavior from either our congress or our president. I also hold out no hope for the judicial branch: we are only one Obama appointment to the Supreme Court away from an unassailable liberal socialist state, aided and abetted by the de facto fourth branch: the press.

If we had life boats on the good ship Titanic America, I'd be getting in line.

I have to confess that I have lost the battle to not develop a personal animosity for our new president. I tried, I truly tried, but his arrogance combined with his rank, amateurish incompetence have overwhelmed me. I believe that he cheapened his campaign by running against Sarah Palin and George Bush rather than his actual opponent, and I believe that he cheapens his presidency by running against Rush Limbaugh. I lost my personal battle to not harbor ill thoughts against Barack Obama himself, and I now find myself struggling mightily to not react in the same way against people that I know to have voted for him.

I still hope to win that battle, though. Sadly, that is the only hope that I still have.